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Receptive Security has a new approach in designing, installing and maintaining electronic security systems whether it is Security Alarm systems or CCTVs.

Using the latest technology we find the best electronic security systems to meet your specific needs and we aim to maximize your security protection by applying best design practice whilst meeting industry standards.

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About us

About Us

Unfortunately, a fact that Kalgoorlie is a high crime rate city. This means that your chances of being burgled , if your home is not safe, are significantly increased. Receptive Security provides effective protection of Electronic Alarm Systems and CCTVs. Monitored home alarm system proved to be one of the most successful thief deterrents. Bearing in mind that the average burglary takes only a few minutes, it’s likely that the authorities are hardly able to respond in a significant time frame. However, with a monitored home alarm system intruders know that help from a key holder could be near or next door. It’s far too dangerous and it makes sense for the intruder to find a easier target somewhere else.

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Simple Ways To Make Your Home and Business Secure.


Receptive Security installed an CCTV system at my property. Technician was very knowledgable in regards to CCTV equipment and responded to every question I raised prior to installation. Being a double storey home, it was a tough job and he done a great job.

Tania Hahn


We had a few quotes and went with Receptive Security not because he was the cheapest but because his price was within the ball park and reasonable when talking to him we gained the confidence that he would produce a professional job .

Wei Hong Toh


A very easy 5 stars. Allen explained everything well, great service and knowledge of my problem and explained why I couldn’t get backyard view. The new antenna works and I can now watch all camara.

Miles S


The most Efficient, friendly hardworking installer who went above and beyond for my family. Will highly recommend him to all our family and friends as such superior service is hard to come by. Outstanding workmanship from beginning to end.

Barbera Benvenuto